Monokurōmu Fakutā 2 Kairi Sorano

ISBN: 9784861272165

Published: 2005

171 pages


Monokurōmu Fakutā 2  by  Kairi Sorano

Monokurōmu Fakutā 2 by Kairi Sorano
2005 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 171 pages | ISBN: 9784861272165 | 3.67 Mb

More and more people are gaining the ability to see Shin as if they were another person. This proves that the disruption between the two worlds is indeed becoming a very serious matter, and Shirogane and Akira must investigate it quickly. But before they can start their investigation, many hurdles are thrown their way as a serial killer that may just be another Shin is on the loose! And later, Akiras anger and frustrations from being kept in the dark this entire time finally bursts and he gets in a fight with Shirogane, only to be stranded defenseless with Aya in the middle of a horde of kokuchi...The characters are very poorly constructed in this series.

Its almost as if the characters were only there to play on the whimsical gags by the author, and not tell the story that this series is supposed to be based around. Thats another thing, this storyline is overly complex and yet overly simple. The author has her characters treat the story as if it were an extremely complex and nearly unfathomable idea and yet all that it is is an overly glorified simplified story that has had far too many steps added into it.

I could have written something like this in middle school, for Chrissake! Only it still wouldnt have been this crappy! So far, the best thing about this series is the Goddamn art, and it isnt even that great. Its pretty, sure, but it isnt as expressive as it should be unless the character is angry or bored. If the author wants to be a good artist AND author, maybe she needs to open her heart up a little more, hmm?

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