Twelve Betrayals of Democracy in America Robert Lambertson



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Twelve Betrayals of Democracy in America  by  Robert Lambertson

Twelve Betrayals of Democracy in America by Robert Lambertson
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This book is intended to alert Americans to the fact that most of us citizens are grossly ignorant regarding civic affairs. For instance, no one is complaining that the oaths of office that our elected officials must recite does not contain a promise to obey any laws whatsoever.

And despite the 50th anniversary celebration of the Warren Commission’s Report regarding the death of President John F Kennedy, not one public official or journalist recited any of the known evidence that the Commissioners knowingly lied to us citizens when the claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald shot our president. I supply the readers with the incontrovertible facts to the contrary!

Further evidence of gross civic ignorance is our failure to denounce our leadership’s addiction to unsustainable life styles—such as the increased production of natural gas by the “fracking” process. One of the major causes of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels, and natural gas is a fossil fuel. But the building of the XL pipeline from Canada to various stations in America will ultimately cause an increase in global warming.

Population growth and economic growth are suicidal goals, but our leaders are addicted to both of these foolish and unsustainable goals.

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