Adam Runs Jon Le Riche



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Adam Runs  by  Jon Le Riche

Adam Runs by Jon Le Riche
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October 22, 2011A young boy, lost, scared and running for his life through near-endless woods.Men are close-by. One of them carries a gun.Adam runs knowing that their pace is greater, their stride longer. But sooner or later they will have to rest, and that is why he must not. The genetic mutation he carries in his blood compels him towards deadly cravings he must indulge in order to survive. Each meal endows him with savage, brutal strength - but feed he must, for the weaker he gets, the more his mental resistance to the mutation crumbles.When he is strong he is able to keep the monster inside at bay – for a while.

But by then of course, it’s too late... to be strong he would have had to feed.He is not the hunted. He is the Hunter - and his quarry is close.The boy’s mind, though, is his own at times, and as he runs his conflict is clearly written on his drawn face. Of the company he hunts, his own flesh and blood - his own mother - is among their small number.Blood to feed the blood.So Adam runs.

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