Old Saint Pauls William Harrison Ainsworth

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Old Saint Pauls  by  William Harrison Ainsworth

Old Saint Pauls by William Harrison Ainsworth
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Towards the middle of May, the bills of mortality began to swell greatly in amount, and though but few were put down to the plague, and a large number to the spotted fever (another frightful disorder raging at the period), it is well known that the bulk had died of the former disease.

The rigorous measures adopted by the authorities (whether salutary or not has been questioned), in shutting up houses and confining the sick and sound within them for forty days, were found so intolerable, that most persons were disposed to run any risk rather than be subjected to such a grievance, and every artifice was resorted to for concealing a case when it occurred. Hence, it seldom happened, unless by accident, that a discovery was made. Quack doctors were secretly consulted, instead of the regular practitioners- the searchers were bribed to silence- and large fees were given to the undertakers and buriers to lay the deaths to the account of some other disorder.

All this, however, did not blind the eyes of the officers to the real state of things. Redoubling their vigilance, they entered houses on mere suspicion- inflicted punishments where they found their orders disobeyed or neglected- sent the sound to prison, -- the sick to the pest-house- and replaced the faithless searchers by others upon whom they could place reliance. Many cases were thus detected- but in spite of every precaution, the majority escaped- and the vent was no sooner stopped in one quarter than it broke out with additional violence in another.

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